Thursday, 18 October 2012


Have been spending a lovely week with my eldest sister. Thursday evening we had a meal with our aunt and uncle, where we had the most delicious fish pie! Friday was spent by me wandering around Swindon for three hours while my sister did an exam, but as the weather was sunny this wasn't too much of a problem.
Saturday was again spent wandering, this time in Buckingham while my sister was having her hair cut, the only problem with this being that nowhere seemed to open until ten, and the hair appointment was at nine! Sunday, and shopping on Milton Keynes was on the menu. A lot of lovely stuff was bought, including a pair of heeled brogues that my mum will probably go mental when she sees them!

On Monday, we went to London to see 'The Mousetrap'. We visited the Natural History Museum to see Dippy!

Finding out I was spending the night in London was excellent! We went for a meal at Rossopomodoro, an Italian restaurant that served the most gorgeous food! Their tomato, mozzarella, and bruschetta starter was to die for! And the chocolate souffle... I have no words to describe it. The Mousetrap was brilliant, I highly recommend it. The seats were ever so slightly uncomfortable, though.

Tuesday, and a decision to walk to the London Eye was the best decision ever!

After that brilliant idea, the London Eye looked like it was going to be overshadowed, but it definitely held its own.

A trip to Covent Garden, which wasn't quite what I'd expected, a long walk down Oxford Street to try to find Hamleys, and we decided to come home.

Monday, 10 October 2011

And another bag...

No pics in this one, just plain boring type!

Spent a good weekend in Buckinghamshire with my sister and parents, though did spend quite a while sitting in the dark while my dad replaced my sister's RCD with great resistance from the flat!

However, something productive did come out of this: my sister unrolled a 24-year-old french knitting project that is being turned into a rug (one day!). The french knitting itself fills a whole freezer bag, but when rolled out in a circular rug shape, it isn't even a metre across! So an estimated whole freezer bag full more of french knitting is needed before we even contemplate getting it out again!

As a present, I received some very nice wools to attach onto the rug, and a couple of plain colours. I have also received orders to make sure I use brighter colours in future, as my sister reckons it looks a little dull.

As for the spaniel - her time wasn't so good this weekend. After four hours travelling (admittedly in the back of a spacious van), she is expected to spend the night in there, with the collie dog!! Luckily, it was quite a mild night. Then, when morning came around, things improved for a few hours. She was brought into the flat and spent some collie-free hours, relaxing and begging unshamedly for breakfast!

Things took a downturn when some bright spark brought the collie dog up. He was running round like a crazy loon, until it was decided to take him outside and throw a ball for him. He didn't stop panting for half an hour, and slept for about one, until he began bouncing around like Tigger again!

Night came again, and as people slipped into pyjamas, the spaniel thought things were looking up - a night on the bed! A cruel person clipped her lead to her harness, and dragged her unwillingly from the room to spend another night with the collie dog, then to be rudely awakened at 5.30am, when we began packing up to leave for York, on our whistle-stop tour of the UK!

Next installment - Wales (which actually happened first!!)

Monday, 18 July 2011

A Hard Day's Work

 Along with the sunny weather came our builders, to cement the outer walls, and add details to them, with sponges and brushes, to make it look like stones.

Also, Mum's scarecrow is now finished and ready to send to Matilda in America, while mine is only half sewn up.

And, as I managed to do my scarecrow on bigger needles, my Sam towers over Mum's Sam. However, we are both on our second scarecrows, on the same size needles. Mum is doing another Sam for Toby's daughter, while I'm doing Grandpa for John. My giant will be going to a friend of ours for her two children.